Always demonstrate Intergrity and Respect for both our staff and clients.

And Exhibit:

  • energy
  • enthusiasm and
  • courage

to lead people who are ready to build a relationship based on doing the right thing.

 About Us

Quality As The Centre of our Strategy and Business

We deliver seamless consistent high quality service to all our client service in West Africa and beyond

Strategy is a key component of our performance management system. Our professionals are evaluated and compensated based on criteria that includes:

  • specific quality
  • risk management indicators covering both action and result
  • additional supervision or reassignment is important.
Our Focus

Creating opportunities for our people to make difference in the area that they feel passionate about:

  • the good looks of our clients
  • managing errors of our clients and helping them to have a thorough eye check
  • maintaining good client and staff relationship

We understand and building long lasting transformative relationship with our clients.

Code of Conduct

These provide us with clear standard and behaviours that guide our action and our business conduct.
We strive to have the right people, working at the right place, at the right time.

We invest in continuos professional development for our people to provide training and guidance which help each of us to perform high quality work with confidence and reduced risk.
This makes a difference to encourage our clients to trust and rely on the work advice we give to them.


We provide after sales services for all items and services provided

We do minor and major surgeries and give general advice on eyecare

We treat infection of the eye