Always demonstrate Intergrity and Respect for both our staff and clients.

And Exhibit:

  • energy
  • enthusiasm and
  • courage

to lead people who are ready to build a relationship based on doing the right thing.


We use modern equipment to do eye check, surgrey and all other services provided by Amasha Partners Ltd., and this always leaves a smile on the face of our clients


We provide services such as the supply of frames, contact lenses and sun glasses. Our cost of lens depends on the prescription.

We do thorough eye check by birth Opthalmologist and Optometrist which includes

  • pressure check
  • refraction
  • treatment

Consultaion by Opthalmologist

Refraction test for spectacle

Surgery cost for major and minor operation

We provide general treatment


We provide after sales services for all items and services provided

We do minor and major surgeries and give general advice on eyecare

We treat infection of the eye